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Happy Surrey homeowner enjoys better light and air with roof dome fitting

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Sometimes it can be the little things that can make the biggest difference. While it’s all too easy to often blow things out of proportion when it comes to revitalising the home, solutions can regularly be found through the unlikeliest …

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Now you can design your own high tech front door

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Ever been excited by the prospect of being able to enjoy the very best in door technology but also crave the ability to create an entrance to your exact liking? We might have the perfect solution in our new entrance …

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The TFT&R team are “walking this way” in our latest Demelza charity endeavour

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Aiming to walk 50 kilometres from Sittingbourne to Eltham might seem like an arduous task to some, but for the Team Frames Trade & Retail crew we’re taking the challenge in our stride, using it to form the basis of …

Casement Windows

Find out why Team Frames Trade & Retail are the company for you

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As any budding home designer will tell you, choosing how to enhance your home is only half the battle. The second part comes in the form of finding the perfect installer/home improvement company capable of meeting your needs. Thankfully, here …

#DoorGoals: Spitfire Doors are April’s product of the month!

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Continuing to change the landscape of how composite doors are made, at Team Frames Trade & Retail we’ve been a big advocate of high tech Spitfire doors for quite some time. The result of meticulous German engineering and advanced manufacturing …

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Kate Moss loves her house full of windows

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Some of us might be already be well-versed in aspiring towards supermodels when looking to improve our own person’s fashion sense or glamour, but did you know that quite a few of them also have homes we could learn a …

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You shall not pass! Lord of the Doors

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If there’s one thing that the Tolkienesque setting of Middle-earth proved to us fantasy fans, it’s that the world can sometimes be a dangerous place. Granted, you’ll find no sign of orcs, goblins, or dragons throughout any of Britain’s beloved …

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Don’t deny the powers of natural light

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It’s a common expression: “The best things in life are free!”, but despite this, many homeowners are still not making the most of the generous amount of natural light available to them. At Team Frames Trade & Retail, we specialise …

Join us for our charity pub quiz in honour of Demelza hospice care for children

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If you’re someone who’s familiar in any capacity with our commitment for helping others, you know that at Team Frames Trade & Retail we like to play as hard as we work, especially if it’s for a worthy cause. A …

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March’s product of the month – Sliding patio doors

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Continuing our newly introduced “product of the month” column, for March we’ve chosen to highlight the sometimes under-appreciated yet well worth considering prospect of sliding patio doors. A British staple for decades, modern sliding patio doors introduce many new and …